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About Premier Home Care

Family Helping Families

Premier Home Care is a premium personal care assistance and companion caregiver agency, locally owned and operated with a mission to bring a concierge experience to each older adult and their families.

Owner Matt Del Vecchio and Managing Director, Kirstin Bennett, along with a team of dedicated care managers, schedulers, support staff and compassionate caregivers provide families with professional caregiving and companion services. Following in the footsteps of founders Mark Wathen and Chantal Lessard, Premier Home Care offers families throughout greater Montreal a genuine love of aging people and a gold standard in senior care. The services offered are almost endless and can be tailored to meet big and small needs.
Premier Home Care is a division of Lianas Senior Transition Support. Our combined efforts are designed to assist families throughout the aging process based on their specific needs. Whether it is a desire to age in place; finding the ideal senior living community; transition support including property sale, downsizing and moving; elder care planning consultation; or psychosocial assessments for the homologation of protection mandates or private tutorship; we are there to help you. The aging process is a journey filled with emotion and uncertainty. We strive to assist families by reducing their stress; providing support and resources; and playing a comforting role to caregivers and their loved ones.

Financial Assistance Programs

Tax Credit for Home Care Services

For people aged 70 and over, choosing to remain at home has never been so easy. Revenu Québec offers a monthly or yearly reimbursement of 35% of the expenses related to home care services. Premier Home Care offers a complete program of home care services, to ensure you stay in the comfort of your home. All services and products offered by Premier Home Care are eligible for tax credits offered by Revenu Québec.

Cheque Emploi Service

Premier Home Care is pleased to support the CLSC's Cheque Emploi Service program to help lower our hourly rates for qualified seniors.