5 Things Seniors Require Help With Most

As seniors age, the majority begin to need help with daily tasks. Whether this help comes from family, friends, or professional Caregivers, seniors often require aid to complete or manage different aspects of their lives that now provide challenges. 

While the scope of care is ultimately personalized by individual needs, there are things that are quite common amongst the elderly in need of care. 

  1. Mobility: Making sure a senior with mobility issues is adequately equipped with the proper means to move around safely is imperative. They may need to be fitted for a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane. Their living environment should also have safety features in place for stairs/ramps or in bathrooms. Some seniors may need additional help to move, requiring a Caregiver (most notably getting up and down in lying and seated positions). 

  2. Health & Medication: Ensuring that seniors visit their medical professionals is key, and they often require help making the necessary appointments, doing follow-ups if needed, and following through with any medications or treatments they’ve been given. Helping them take their pills each day, or reminding them to do so, is a common task for Caregivers. 

  3. Nutrition: Everyone requires proper nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle. As seniors age and their functioning begins to decrease, it can be a challenge for them to provide themselves with a proper eating regimen. There are living arrangements that include meal plans for seniors, however there are many who wish to stay at home or at a residence that does not offer such services. In that case, it is important to make sure that seniors have access to good balanced meals that are easy to warm and eat if a Caregiver isn’t present to serve them. 

  4. Hygiene & Personal Care: A common task that is required of Caregivers is help with personal care. Depending on the individual needs that may be helping seniors get dressed, it may be helping them bathe, or help with personal grooming. Wherever the individual falls on the help needed spectrum, it is important that they have proper hygiene and are properly cared for daily. 

  5. Transportation: We become very accustomed throughout our lives to being able to get ourselves places we need to go. Transportation often becomes a huge hindrance to the elderly. Whether it be to attend appointments, run errands, or go to social functions, seniors often require help to do so. Having a Caregiver available to help them continue to live their lives outside of their living space is key. 

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